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Support Our Work Protecting Children from Digital and Digitally-Facilitated Sex Crimes.

The Cybersafety Group is a US charity (formed under Teach Me Peace, Inc.). It is affiliated with Cybersafety India Foundation (Section 8 entity) in Bangalore, India. Any donations made by US taxpayers are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. We are also setting up a crowdfunding page to help us continue building programs and protection children and teens from cybercrimes and sexual exploitation online.

We are all unpaid volunteers and have been since 1995 when Parry Aftab first formed the cybersafety and help group. This allows the funds to go right to the charity's work and programs. 

All volunteers, including Parry Aftab, work virtually from their computers, cell phones and tablets, from their homes, offices and schools...wherever they are from 76 countries around the world. We are always looking for caring and skilled volunteers. Reach out if you are interested in learning what positions we have open, or where we need help.


Thanks for reaching out!

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