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#PutKids1st Virtual Summit Agenda

The #PutKids1st Virtual Summit on Digital and Digitally-Facilitated  Child Sexual Exploitation 

The #PutKids1st Summit was designed around three tracks - The Lay of the Land, The Human-Focus and Moving Forward. They were intended to be watched in that order to help us understand the scope of the problem, how it works, the human-pieces, the stakeholders and the solutions, approaches and innovation helping tackle the problem. We had an extraordinary list of contributors, presenters ad experts join us from national Commissioners, to global law enforcement leaders, to industry founders, engineers and digital developers, to mental health professionals, parents and youth, to school and K12 advisors, and more. You can view them and their bios on our Speaker page.


When we decided to move our planned offline summit to an entirely digital summit, we were deeply within the Corona Virus crisis. The experts we wanted were not always available on the day and time we wanted and some were not available at all during the 72 hours we hosted the summit. 

Reaching Linkedin users was very important to us. There is less "noise" and self-promotion on Linkedin and the people we needed to reach in industry, policy, law enforcement and the human-side of digital were there. But Linkedin limits original videos to 10 minutes or less, without having to link to a video distribution platform. For thos if us with a beta Linkedin Live, we can provide original video directly to Linkedin through their Live formats which are them stored and available on Linkedin in archived form.

So, as much as we tried to organize the Linkedin Live sessions to fit our three tracks, many were recorded out of order. Here at Cybersafety Live we have the luxury of reorganizing the order of the Live sessions and helping you see how they are all related and teaching you what you need to know in the order you should learn it.

As valuable and compelling the Live sessions were, many of you are seeking shorter sessions and "just the facts" versions. We will be editing the sessions, providing shorter bites a the topics and providing short articles summarizing the sessions and what we learned. Our Executive Director, Parry Aftab, will be doing short summaries in video formats as well. She does this for UN summits in a rapporteur (conference reporter) role.

We will continue to add to the summit materials, as we collect more interviews and panel discussions, and prerecorded videos. #PutKids1st is all about our joining forces to protect our youth from digital sex abuse, exploitation and self-harm of sexting that may result in sextortion and even suicide. The more you know, the safer all children will be.


The Lay of the Land

Track One

Law enforcement leaders, criminal justice professionals and legal discussions help frame the understanding of where we are.

The collage of faces of surprised people

The Human Factor

Track Two

Targets of sex crimes and those engaged in sexting, teens, moms, mental health professionals share insights on the human factor.

Young co-workers team talking during sta

Moving Forward

Track Three

AI and tools combined with standards and training, certifications and youth-developed approaches, and parent resources - insights to the future. 

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