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PutKids1st is a hashtag identifying our programs, resources and events dedicated to identifying digital and digitally-facilitated crimes against and sexual exploitation of youth and addressing and preventing digitally-facilitated violence against children. It is also this site (along with its mirror site, a division of The Cybersafety Group dedicated to shining light under the rocks to the dark and violent side of the digital world.

We are The Cybersafety Group, a new US charity operating globally and through its NGO-affiliates around the world. It is the successor to the world's first cybersafety and help group, WiredSafety, which was formed in 1995. During the formalized formation period, The Cybersafety Group is operated by Teach Me Peace, Inc., the 501c-3 that runs WiredSafety.

Our #PutKids1st Taskforce is comprised of some of the leading experts, law enforcement officials, policymakers and activists in the world in this field. It focuses on sharing expertise, experience and information among others in the field to help professionalize the ecosystem and save children.

Join us. Support us. Collaborate with us towards out common goal - the safety and well-being of children everywhere.

This site is a work in progress, but we wanted to share our summit videos with you as soon as possible. Expect more soon.

To get involved or learn more, reach out to our founder, Parry Aftab, or visit our page on

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