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About Cybersafety:

Cybersafety stands for The Cybersafety Group, a US 501c-3 organization in formation, operating under Teach Me Peace, Inc., the charity that housed WiredSafety's work began in 1995 as a safety and help group for victims of cybercrime and abuse and as a safety guide for everyone from birth to death.

Now, 25+ years after its formation will be retired and launched in its stead. It will takeover the operation of StopCyberbullying, Cyberlawenforcement and PawsBullying, among other former WiredSafety programs,and initiatives. is dedicated to youth cybersafety, digital privacy and cybersecurity. Its role is to help young people and youth-related stakeholders access the power of digital technology for empowerment, learning and beneficial activities, while avoiding and being able to avoid/address its perils.

The Cybersafety Group operates several sites and resources, from this Cybersafety Live to house recorded versions of live events, sessions and presentations hosted by the charity to for youth and youth-related stakeholders.

But the Cybersafety Group devotes a majority of its resources and expertise to help develop cybersafety standards and frameworks. Its goal is to professionalize and standardize the cybersafety ecosystem for youth.

It will offer Cybersafety standards training and certification, standards compliance seals and and the central digital registry, to help users identify compliant sites, apps, games and platforms and facilitate authentication of parent/child status, authority and consents.

And, as virtual classrooms and distance learning now applies to millions of children worldwide as a result of the Corona crisis, we will be offering Cybersafety Seals for those which meet our cybersecurity, privacy, cybersafety and socialization standards, so schools and parents can tell the ones who do it right apart from the rest.

To learn how to become certified in the cybersafety field, join our vetted presenter/speaker association or become a certified cybersafety developer, visit The Cybersafety Group portal (coming soon).

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