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#PutKids1st Linkedin Live Virtual Summit:

Addressing Digital and Digitally-Facilitated Crimes Against Children

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The Cybersafety Group had scheduled a traditional summit of child protection ecosystem experts at Princeton University in late Spring 2020. This event was taking place over a two-day period with by-invitation-only participants arriving from around the world. The first day was dedicated to exploring the landscape of digital and digitally-facilitated crimes against children (including sexual exploitation, sex trafficking of children and sexting/sextortion and morphing).

But as Corona Virus began affecting travel, global participation, sponsors and public health, we decided to use the medium we know best - the Internet - to allow broader participation, global access and engagement and a free attendance model to allow all stakeholders to learn, become active and support the mission.

Because our founder, cyberlawyer Parry Aftab, is one of the lucky few Linkedin Live beta users, she decided to use this emerging feature to host a virtual conference entirely online.

The event ran on global time zones, staggered so that local viewers were be able to engage with their presenters live. The first session began live in Brisbane at 8:30am AEST (14 hours ahead of New York). That translated to 6:30pm March 15th EDT. The last session was at 10pm March 18 EDT (NY time). 

Unlike brick and mortar events, digital ones can be flexible and are moving targets, allowing for new presenters to be squeezed into an open slot in different time zones and for short pre-recorded videos to be made available.

The first session aired live at 6:30pm EDT (NY) March 15, 2020/8:30am AEST (Brisbane, Australia) March 16, 2020 on Linkedin (for Linkedin members only). The last session aired live at 10:00pm EDT (NY Time).  

Note that all live sessions will be archived and posted here shortly and can be viewed from your laptops, mobile or tablet devices here, without charge or registration.

about us

CybersafetyLive is run by The Cybersafety Group to air our live events and sessions from LinkedinLive and FacebookLive and to store archives of those live sessions for later viewing.


The Cybersafety Group is a new US charity-in-formation, operating under the 501c-3 Teach Me Peace until the filings are approved. All donations are made to the current charity, used for the work of The Cybersafety Group and are deductible to the extent permitted by law to US taxpayers.

#PutKids1st Overview

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